So there we were, me and Connor just sitting at Starbucks drinking our Frappachino and Iced coffee after about an hours worth of diving. I make a complement to Connor about the pretty girl at the register, hoping she wasn’t 25 or something. Then we got into the topic of Mr. Harris, the local hero who almost shot his eye out (kid), when suddenly a man, aged 41, eyes very red, buzz cut, jacket with paint splatter on him in a coat, started talking to us. This is his story.

At age 15, the hitchhiker was convicted for 8 years. In prison, he received an education and learned how to play Chess in jail. Upon asking him to play a game of chess, he replied “does it look like I have a chess board on me?”. He graduated with 9 others and received his education in Massachusetts prison. “Look outside the window. I received most of my education from prison and out there; hitchhiking”.

When he got out, he immediately started a family and had 1 daughter and 1 son which he has never met before. At age 23, that same year, he told his father “I’m leaving to go see the world”. Although against his fathers will, he walked out the door and started his hitchhiking journey.

From Massachusetts, he got a truck ride to New Jersey. From New Jersey he took a train to New York. After that he got another truck ride to Jacksonville, Florida. From Florida, he got a ride to Mississippi (and also started randomly talking about Mississippi Queen). From Mississippi he got a ride to Texas. Finally, he got a truck ride from Texas to Hanford, California.

So what exactly were his motives for leaving? He got tired of his dad taking over his life basically, and so he just decided to leave his wife and kids behind. He searched for answers; what life truly meant for him. Was he living the American Dream or a big lie? His hitchhiking journey would determine that he said.

The man has a bad history of drugs on his back. He would always drink and smoke while hitchhiking. At Starbucks, he asked me for a cigarette and a light. I told him I didn’t have one “unfortunately”.

His view on America: He believes the Japanese were going to bomb us, but they can’t because they can’t get a missile that far over the ocean. He also thinks that America’s going to have a new civil war because of all of the disorganization in the government system. The thing he mostly believes in, however, was that the only good news comes from newspapers and news channels. Computers and the internet are a big, fat lie to him.

So what was he going to do now? He was going to head back to see his son and daughter he’s never seen before. He doesn’t exactly know what to say to him, unfortunately, and he’s afraid to go back and have him see him in that state. “I have a son and daughter who hasn’t seen my face before. You try telling your kids you’re their father after being drugged up and hitchhiking for 18 years.”

After a lot of story telling and putting up with his alcoholic breath, he finally walked out the door towards Arbys in search of another ride to get him home. As soon as he was far away, me and Connor made a dash for my car and drove back to my house. Me and Connor would never forget that awesome night at Starbucks.


Look what I found in a dumpster

Believe it or not, stuff like this is found while dumpster diving…I WOULD KILL MY KID IF THEY THREW AWAY THAT GAME!!


Look what I found in a dumpster

Believe it or not, stuff like this is found while dumpster diving…I WOULD KILL MY KID IF THEY THREW AWAY THAT GAME!!

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So to kick off my blog, I thought I would start with a successful, but SHITTY (for me) story of my own.

Let me tell you, it IS possible to find treasure almost ANYWHERE you live! I happened to find this ring at a park 15 minutes away from here. I literally sat down on a bench after metal detecting a dried river for two hours about to give up on life. Then I said “What the hell, 5 more minutes” and placed my detector on the ground and gave it a swing.

Sure enough, it rang the minute I put it down. I had somewhat hopes down, seeing as I detected twenty pull tablets before that (you will find these a lot while metal detecting). I dug the dirt, and a piece of shit literally flew out the dirt. I’m standing there thinking “Is this shit worth it?”

Then, out of the blue, this object of yellow and blue comes flying out the dirt. Right where I was sitting and digging, a 14K class ring pops out like a squirrel coming out of his hole. It was a FRIGGEN PURTY sight.

Unfortunately, it was a class ring, which meant it belonged to someone, and their name HAD to be inside the ring. While looking for contact with the owner, I still have it sitting in my safe for safe keeping. Get it? Ah hah I’m here every Monday night…

Took it to my nearby jewelry shop to get it appraised for gold value. They offered 220$. At first, you may think that this would be good about myself, right? But it killed me even more knowing that this was SOMEONE ELSE’S GOD DAMN RING!
To top that off, I went to a pawn shop 45 minutes away from my town, and they offered 327 dollars. WHAT THE FAUK?! So now you’re telling me not only do I have to fork over a 327 dollar ring to the owner, but I almost got jipped by my local citizens? FAUK!!

Luckily, I got into contact with the owner. He sent me his shipping address, so hopefully I can still send it to him. He lives 4 hours from the place I found the ring, and he claimed that he had no idea how it got there since he was robbed 20 years ago. He’s also graduated from STANFORD AND HARVARD and is a COO for a gaming company. HOLY LLAMAS RICH PEOPLE!!

Funny enough, I found it with this somewhat crappy metal detector I have owned for five years. This outdated thing could only find things two inches into the ground, but hey, it was enough to find this ring, so I’m not going to complain.

All in all, I guess you can say that I unearthed a curse, and I needed to break it by sending the ring back to it’s owner. Doesn’t this sound familiar?

Hopefully, I get the update on the owner, but as of now I send my word to you: Treasure is out there, you just need to go outside and find it. 


I’m not the average dude in college, yet I’m not an extraordinary person either. My name is Andrew Gong, and I like to treasure hunt…A SHIT LOAD (yes that is a funny last name). I’m trying to break the stupid stereotypes made for all treasure hunters: It’s not just for old people. In fact, you may end up DYING if you’re not careful. But that’s the risk a treasure hunter takes, right? Not exactly a rolling boulder, but being held at knife point for your clothes can be a pretty intriguing experience.

But back to me, there’s many ways that I like to treasure hunt, my favorites being the local areas around my town constantly being refurbished with more and more treasure. The stories that each hunt brings can almost be remembered like a picture I can put into a scrapbook. They bring morals, history, and most importantly, fortune (for me at least).

So, now that I’m done introducing myself, why not take some time to read my blog? You may just end up pocketing that money you need to spend on your 100th gift for your girl/boyfriend.

By the way, most of these stories are going to come from the central valley of California, just for anybody who is curious. 


"Treasure is out there everyday; you just need to go out and look for it!"